P A U S E . . . We’re having a L A Z Y S


Is there a right way or wrong way to use social media and how often should we reflect on what we are putting out online? A key conversation for those of us contributing to the music industry from 'Do Your Om Thing'.

The first day back to work after an ‘epi

what is enough?

No one ever empties their inbox or clears the to do list, so when you finish your working day, take a moment to feel satisfied with what you've achieved. 'Do Your Om Thing' are back with another powerful mini meditation exploring 'what is enough?'

...”and the rest will follow”... We’re h

and the rest will follow...

'Do Your Om Thing' founder Rosie is back with another amazing mini meditation for your ears and this time she's focusing on reflection, asking 'what's it all for?'


The 27-minute morning routine that could change your life, according to sciencE...

Want to start your day de-stressed, happier and smarter? Us too. We've 'roadtested' this routine and we love it!

mini meditation

Relax, nothing is under control. The weekend has almost landed and contributing to the music industry can sometimes feel 24/7. Don’t forget to PAUSE... Want some inspiration? Take 5 and check out these mini meditations from Do Your Om Thing founder Rosie Iles-Jonas. 

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