Becky Rascal - Toolroom Records Amplified

Instrumental to the success of Women in Dance Music Collective are our ambassadors. Conscientiously curated to represent the latitude of the industry each brings with them talent and an inimitable set of skills and experience to connect, elevate and inspire our collective. 

Essential to the success of our ambassadors are the tenacious teams behind them.

As part of our commitment to amplifying women in the industry we are spending time within our Ambassador organisations - connecting with their teams, highlighting culture and showing how our ambassadors are encouraging and supporting women within the business.

Our Amplified Series continues at one of the worlds leading dance music labels Toolroom Records talking to Event Manager (Ibiza) Becky Rascal about her career path into the dance music industry.

What do you do for Toolroom?

I am the brand new Event Manager at Toolroom, taking care of all Toolroom Ibiza events! This Summer we will be taking over Sundays at San Antonio’s iconic Eden, with an amazing line up of artists, we are all super excited for 17 weeks of Toolroom Ibiza fun! I love Eden as a venue, they have THE best sound system! I have worked with the wonderful team there previously, so I’m very happy to be heading up our events there for what is set to be an amazing year for both Eden and Toolroom - its a perfect partnership.

What do you love about your job and working in the music industry?

I love how many fabulous people I meet through my work, from the people i work with daily, to the artists and industry people I meet on the job - and especially all of the people who come to party with us - the crowd makes every event, and we are lucky at Toolroom to have a such a great following of people, with so many dedicated members of the Toolroom Family!

How did you go about getting your foot in the door?

Well… I’ve been a bit of a jack of all trades to be honest! But usually through networking and working hard! I interviewed for a job as PR Manager for Pioneer as soon as I graduated University, from there I started to do freelance work with DJ’s and UK promoters who approached me to work with them after meeting on 'the scene'. I started managing a few DJ’s diaries / tour logistics / branding / events then moved to LA with my then partner and started my own management company! I toured the world for four years with DJ’s and was lucky to hang out with the nicest artists and promoters in some of the coolest clubs around the world - most of whom I still work alongside. Almost a decade on from Pioneer, working with so many cool artists, labels and venues globally, I am delighted to have found myself here at Toolroom! I'm really happy I have a background in lots of aspects of events, from Agent, to Manager, to Promoter… It helps me to understand the events process from all sides to help be super confident in my job at Toolroom! I have been lucky to have so much support throughout my career from some absolute superstar women and men I have met in the industry, I’m very grateful to them all.

What’s your favourite track out on the label at the moment? Leftwing: Kody - "I feel it” - this is 100% going to be Ibiza's 2019 anthem, I expect to have this in my head for the entire summer and to have to stop myself whistling/ “singing" it in their company!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced working in this industry?

I'm quite fortunate in that I’m pretty tough! It takes a lot to upset or scare me when it comes to challenges, but as a 33 year old woman in what is classed as a male dominated industry, sometimes the “boys club” attitude can surface, when faced with people who make you feel unappreciated, you just have to stay strong and know that you are excellent at your job! I'm so happy that at Toolroom our “girl power” is celebrated and we offer so much support for women wanting to make it in the industry, not only with our “We Are Listening” campaign for female producers, but just the day to day respect and appreciation from the amazing team we work with!

Best bit of advice for those looking to break into the industry and what to expect? 

My advice for every aspect of life, and especially the music industry - just be nice to everyone! Look after people when you can - do favours without expecting anything in return, intern, apply for jobs that might not be what you are looking for at that time but could open doors - knowledge of the industry is always going to come in handy!

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