Industry tips: Making the most out of conferences, events and meet ups

One of the best parts of this industry are the people in it! They help to make it what it is.

Conferences, industry events and meet ups are the perfect place to meet new people, broaden networks and make things happen.

With so many events taking place across the year whether you're attending for panels, parties or networking, whatever your role in the industry - it's important to have a plan.

If you're a conference pro you probably already have your own way of preparing in advance of attending. However if you're not, we've reached out to some of our collective for their top tips on making the most out of conferences, events and meet ups.

Beatport's Director of People and Culture Susan Gloy-Kruse

Susan Gloy-Kruse: "Always have a muesli bar or nuts with you, with a tough meeting schedule a proper meal is unlikely. And don’t forget the water.

Schedule enough time between meetings, unfortunately a lot of people will be late - and you don’t want to be one of them.

Ideally have one fixed meeting point that you don’t have to run around the conference / city like a headless chicken.

Check the panel schedule and coordinate your meetings around the panels you really need to attend.

Be around and try to connect with likeminded people (after panels).

Train your networking skills upfront - Reach out to contacts an people you think will be around to connect in person.

Choose wisely which parties you attend (depending on your meeting schedule).

Don’t forget to have fun!"

DJ, Presenter and A&R - Carly Wilford

Carly Wilford: “This is your chance to get in front of people that you may only ever email or see online. Be brave, go and introduce yourself, explain what you do and find some collaborative ground. You never know what doors can open. I have met people at music conferences that are now not only colleagues but life long friends"

DJ Rae

DJ Rae: “Be ready to interact and network, conferences are great for connections, get sociable and be confident. It's a good opportunity to talk to people on the scene you might not be face to face with often. Be open minded, you can learn a lot from listening to the many different opinions across the music spectrum, and its a good place for you're voice to be heard.”

DJ Maxiine

Maxinne: ”I would say my top tip for making the most out of a music conference has to be make sure you meet in person with the people working in the area you're looking to establish yourself in. Whether it be a record label, an event, promotions etc. People are much more likely to remember you if they have spoken to you 1 to 1 rather than by email.”

Toolroom's Community Manager - Victoria Nicole Smith

Victoria Nicole Smith: "Network! Get to know who is there before you go and find something about them you can talk about."

With all those industry tips in mind what's crucial to making the connections you create count is following up afterwards. As the song says "Strike While the Iron is Hot".

There are stacks of post conference checklists available online but we’ve scoped out the best and created a mini one for YOU:

Recover these events are full on (hands up if you've lost your voice after a conference)! It's important to take some time out afterwards.

Get Social with contacts where appropriate made on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram.

Add your new contacts to your industry contact list. Haven’t got one? Make one, take notes and add important information. Did you have something in particular in common? Were they working on a project you could add value to?

Connect with a personalised follow up email.

Start putting what you learned into practise.

Pass on your new found knowledge to colleagues that will benefit! Did you meet someone they need to know? Connect them.

Engage with the organiser and send feedback by adding a review to Facebook. A lot goes into making these events happen, if there was something you loved or something they could improve on - let them know.

Have fun, stay safe and be brave! You can catch us at IMS next week!


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