Lizzie Curious: Collective Spotlight

As part of our commitment to amplifying women in the dance music industry we are shining a spotlight on our collective members by showcasing their contributions and work.

Our Collective Spotlight Series continues with Lizzie Curious, DJ, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Radio Host, Lecturer and much more!

Tell me about your role and what you do in the music industry... I am a DJ, songwriter, vocalist, producer and promoter, with a lifelong passion for house music. When I’m performing I aim to make everyone smile with my infectious curious energy! I’m honoured to be part of the Groove Cruise DJ family in the US; I’m resident at Bad Dog in my home city of Brighton and I have releases on the likes of Armada, Cr2 & Perfecto. I also teach the Music Industry and Record Deals & Branding modules online at Point Blank Music School.

What do you love about your job and working in the music industry?

I feel so lucky to have a career that enables me to connect with amazing people all around the world - and to share the tunes that I love with them. Being able to create my own tracks and sing on them is always a dream come true…and then seeing the crowd react when I drop them in a set always makes me so happy! I began teaching with Point Blank at the beginning of 2018 and I find being able to share my knowledge and help & support new talented artists incredibly rewarding. What inspired you to want to work in the music industry? I don’t think there was ever really any other option for me… music is such a huge part of my life. I was first inspired to learn to mix by the DJs I was going to see at the underground clubs in London - the vibe and atmosphere they created was so magical to me and I just remembering really wanting to learn how to mix myself. I spent my student loan on my first pair of decks, taught myself to mix (this was back in the days when there was no YouTube or Google, so I really was self-taught) and never looked back! How did you go about getting your foot in the door?  I would say it is a combination of networking, hard work and perseverance! I’ll always be grateful to those promoters who gave me my first DJ sets (right back in the day when mixtapes were still a thing!) I also started running events quite early on into my career, this was a fantastic way to start making contacts, getting that valuable DJ experience and to understand how some of the different parts of the music industry work. What’s your favourite track at the moment? (Dance track if possible!)  David Penn and ATFC are two of my all-time favourite producers and I love the GUZ remix of their latest collab ‘Dynamite’. Coming in a very close second is my new collaboration with Scotty Boy ‘Lost In The Groove’, which is out now on Which Bottle records.

Career highlight so far?  Can I be cheeky and sneak in a couple here please? I am super proud of my two Billboard #1s (‘You’re Not Alone’ in 2017 & ‘Shine Your Love’ in 2018). Both of these tracks were a collaboration with Scotty Boy and released on the indie label 418 Music. We all worked fantastically well as a team and to see it all come to fruition was a brilliant feeling. Secondly, becoming part of the Groove Cruise DJ family is also a dream come true. From the first time I performed aboard one of their life-changing cruises (in 2017) I really felt like I was home. Being amongst thousands of like-minded souls (all in fancy dress), dancing on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean is a truly magical experience! I am so excited for our next adventures: Groove Island in September 2019 and Groove Cruise Miami in January 2020.

To be honest, any time I’m behind the decks and I see people smiling and having fun is always a highlight for me - I just love making people happy through my music.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced working in the dance music industry? How did you overcome it?  That’s a very good question! Apart from when I’m travelling or teaching, I work from home a lot (my studio is at my house) and this can sometimes feel quite isolating. I always find making sure I get out of the house first thing (ideally to the gym, but if I’m feeling a bit lazy then at least a beach walk), so I see some other human beings in real life is a really great help.

And then the other main challenge is keeping on top of a very busy schedule and making sure I don’t overload myself…. this is always easier said than done - as I’m sure pretty much everyone in the music industry will agree. I do try and keep myself fueled with as much healthy, plant-based food as I can, I also find exercising helps massively to boost those all-important serotonin levels and I also listen to positive affirmations every day.

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